Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Best of World's Diarists - Cream of the Crop Links - 32k pdf click here

Here's the complete list with links of those chosen as "World's Best Video Diarists, Cream of the Crop" by Tomas Rawlings of London's The Independent online edition on Monday 8.29.05. See our reaction in previous post.

Rocketboom - a lighthearted look at our alternate reality. Most popular vlog in the world
FutureMedia - new media news, reviews, interviews, analysis, expos, press events, parties - hey that's us
The 05 Project - one vid a day all year long
Vlog~Flux - this man is very prolific and a brilliant videographer with an interest in left wing politics
Fast Moving Animals - tom of london - genius design, simplicity, elegance
Mobuzz TV Magazine - wow! very sunny disposition going on here
BENched - ben avilez of vista california gives us an inside look at today's high school hero
29fragiledays - Duncan of Bridgwater, Somerset UK is a brilliant designer and video artist
Kong is King - my favorite movie vlog. you get the illusion peter jackson is a personal friend of yours
Vlog Map - where are we? where are you? Using google map, this site helps you find other vloggers
Nowheresville, USA - it's not easy being green. a really interesting interface on the cover
Drinking with Bob - is very angry. he has a problem with pamela anderson's lifestyle and more

Thank you, Tomas Rawlings, for choosing us as among the best. Congratulations to everyone who made this cut. You are all making history everyday. And congratulations to all the rest of you vloggers out there - you too are making history with every post you persevere to make. You too are the Champions of the World of Vlogs.

Monday, August 29, 2005

We Are The Champions

I would like to thank Tomas Rawlings of London's THE INDEPENDENT ONLINE EDITION for blessing us with his opinion that we are already among "The world's best video diarists, cream of the crop" . As he has chosen to also try to explain us in a very small amount of their limited space, I would like to elaborate on what we are and are not.

1. This is not a diary site. This is not a Blog. It's a NEWS site. We are merely using Blogger™ technology to facilitate the publication of NEWS in multimedia forms of audio, video and pdf. The fact that this is on what is labeled a "blog" has nothing to do with how and what we publish. We reject wholeheartedly the notion that using this form marginalizes our ability to deliver news in a way that heretofore was impossible by fully qualified journalists who have been shut out of the process for decades due to the oligopolistic domination of mass media. That time is over and out. Since Tuesday June 28, 2005, when Steve Jobs and Apple Computer released iTunes 4.9 RSS Media Client, new media communication possibilities that have been in early development since last summer have suddenly taken root while the oligopolies continue their ever accelerating decline into oblivion. As Alvin Toffler approaches his 77th birthday October 3, 2005, he lives to see his prediciton of total media fragmentation become even more obviously accurate. What a thrill this must be for him to see. While satellites gave us a few hundred video and audio choices from the ruling oligopoly, these new technologies now give us thousands on the way to tens of thousands and ultimately millions of individual voices available for all. We are at the dawn of a new age and it feels fantastic.

2. This is not an Apple Macintosh oriented site. Although we personally prefer to use Apple Macintosh G5 PowerMacs and PowerBooks on the road, this is a New Media oriented site and we take a platform agnostic approach to reporting.

3. QuickTime is a cross platform multimedia technology that is just as effective on PCs as it is on Macs.

4. iTunes is a cross platform multimedia receiver and player technology that is just as effective on PCs as it is on Macs.

5. We are about delivering information about new media solutions not about Macs or PCs.

6. We use Macs to produce FutureMedia. We love Macs. But we recognize that 95% of the world uses PCs and we respect and report for ALL users. Some of our reporters exclusively use PCs. Some use BOTH for different situations and applications.

7. Some of our reports will be Apple centric as that is typically where real new media innovation happens first followed by knock offs on the PC side.

8. But we will also have any number of Windows XP and Vista centric reports as well.

9. Note that our longest report to date is the IBM Linux Keynote from LinuxWorld SF a few weeks ago. I thought any objective observer would get from that post how we are highly objective when it comes to reporting about what is going on for everyone - not just for Mac lovers.

10. Our permanent address is This allows us flexibility for future growth no matter how we choose to serve you in the years ahead. We are in this for the long haul and will probably outgrow this platform sooner or later. But no matter what, our address will still be

New Media - That's our beat and the beat goes on. No matter what platform you use, we are on your team for new media video reports. Please tell us with comments what you want us to cover for YOU not for us. We are here to serve you a generous dish of information in a way you have not seen nor heard before - the way industry insiders see it, not the way PR agencies spin mass media to tell it in small bites. We will strive to give you all of the information in depth and unedited as much as we can be granted permission to do so.

One more thing. We are on both sides of businesses who are working very hard to serve you with new media solutions and you who need straight answers to questions you have about new media in your lives. We are not out to paint bad pictures or dig up scandals. This is information about information and not about politics. We are not going to dwell on political issues in this industry. Explain sure. Dwell no. That's for some other sites - not for FutureMedia.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

iTunes Podcast Directory Listing Anomalies

FREE 1-Click iTunes Podcast Subscription

PDF Version Click Here

Learning how to Podcast while podcasting is quite a juggling act because all of us are inventing this medium by the seat of our pants. Please bear with us while we develop all the details that will make it possible to deliver a lot more content in the months to come. The iTunes Podcast Directory doesn't always display how many Podcasts a site has transmitted to date. If the publisher changes the cover page's quantity of posts to less than all to date, the iTunes Podcast Directory only lists what's left on the cover page.

I am working out how to embed video in the pages so you can read while you watch - but also so none of the vidcasts will download until you press the small Play arrow on the left side of the progress bar. That way the home page can have many videos without any of them loaded so the page will download fast - even with a lot of enclosure links and posts. iTunes also only sees the first of multiple enclosures in a single post. Therefore, any one story with more than one multimedia element (IE Audio, Video and/or PDF) must be broken up into multiple posts for you to get them all automatically.

This and other details of system management and website display are what's keeping new posts from appearing more frequently yet. Please stay subscribed and I promise there will be many more original enclosures posted soon and more frequently. Thank you for your subscription and your support.

Taylor Barcroft
Publisher, Editor, Video Journalist

Questions or suggestions email us:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pt.2Audio.Military Garbed Police Attack Legal Utah Electronica Music Dance Attendees, Friday 8.19.05 discussion on this attack part two.mp3 I have to put these two mp3 files into separate posts for you to get them all automatically as a subscriber to our feed. See details below. This audio is compelling from the gang at Love you guys! Keep up the great work.

Pt.1Audio.Military Garbed Police Attack Legal Utah Electronica Music Dance Attendees, Friday 8.19.05 discussion on this attack part one.mp3 I have to put these two mp3 files into separate posts for you to get them all automatically as a subscriber to our feed. Some never come to this website. So that is why the redundancy. It's a mechanics thing. iTunes will only send the first multimedia file in a post to subscribers NOT all in each post. So pardon my extra posts for links already in the first one. I am sure this won't be the last time I have video, audio and yes PDF's for you all about ONE story. All three media types are allowed to be received by iTunes plus enhanced audio Podcasts. But I digress. This audio is compelling from the gang at Love you guys! Keep up the great work.

Vid.Military Garbed Police Attack Legal Utah Electronica Music Dance Attendees, Friday 8.19.05

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

We are not a political site. But we do believe in the American right of free speech and peaceful assembly. When the mainstream media ignores this kind of outrageous violation of everyone's civil liberties then it is all of our responsibility to shine a light on it. This is an attack on new media and freedom of expression. A gathering of people listening to electronica outdoors is not necessarily a "Rave"condoning or encouraging the illegal consumption of drugs and alcohol. I only just found out about this 3pm PDT 8.24.05 and hope my combining sources in one report is useful to you.

FreeTalkLive Coverage pt 1.mp3 . . FreeTalkLive Coverage pt 2.mp3

Nick was one of the musicians at the event, here is what he had to say:

"Last night, I was booked to play an event about anhour outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. The hype behind this show was huge, they presold 700 tickets and they expected up to 3,000 people total. The promoters did an amazing job with the show.. they even made slipmats with the flyers on them to promote in local shops. So, we got to the show around 11:15 or so and it was really cool. It was all outdoors, in a valley surrounded by huge mountains. They had an amazing light show flashing on to a mountain behind the site, the sound was booming, the crowd was about 1500 people thick and everything just seemed too good to be true really. Well... At about 11:30 or so, I was standing behind the stage talking with someone when I noticed a helicopter pulling over one of the mountain tops. I jokingly said "Oh look, here comes big brother" to the person I was with. I wasn't far off.

The helicopter dipped lower and lower and started shining its lights on the crowd. I was kind of in awe and just sat and watched this thing circle us for a minute. As I looked back towards the crowd I saw a guy dressed in camoflauge walking by, toting an assault rifle. At this point, everyone was fully aware of what was going on. A few "troops" rushed the stage and cut the sound off and started yelling that everyone "get the fuck out of here or go to jail". This is where it got really sticky.No one resisted. That's for sure. They had police dogs raiding the crowd of people and I saw a dog signal out a guy who obviously had some drugs on him. The soldiers attacked the guy (4 of them on 1), and kicked him a few times in the ribs and had their knees in his back and sides. As they were cuffing him, there was about 1000 kids trying to leave in the backdrop, peacefully. Next thing I know, A can of TEAR GAS is launched into the crowd. People are running and screaming at this point. Girls are crying, guys are cussing... bad scene.Now, this is all I saw with my own eyes, but I heard plenty of other accounts of the night. Now this isnt gossip I heard from some candy raver, these are instances cited straight out of the promoters mouth..-

One of the promoters friends (a very small female) was attacked by one of the police dogs. As she struggled to get away from it, the police tackled her. 3 grown men proceeded to KICK HER IN THE STOMACH. The police confiscated 3 video tapes in total. People were trying to document what was happening out there. The police saw one guy filming and ran after him, tackled him and his camera fell, and luckily.. his friend grabbed it and ran and got away. priceless footage. That's not all though. Out of 1,500 people, there's sure to be more footage.- The police were rounding up the staff of the party and the main promoter went up to them with the permit for the show and said "here, I have the permit." The police then said, "no you don't" and ripped the permit out of his hand. Then, they put an assault rifle to his forehead and said "get the fuck out of here right now."Now.. let's get the facts straight here.This event was 100% legal. They had every permit the city told them they needed. They had a 2 MILLION DOLLAR insurance policy for the event. They had liscenced security guards at the gates confiscating any alcohol or drugs found upon entry (yes, they searched every car on the way in). Oh, I suppose I should mention that they arrested all the security guards for possession.

Oh another interesting fact.. the police did not have a warrant. The owner of the land already has a lawsuit against the city for something similar. A few months ago, she rented her land for a party and the police raided that as well. And catch this, the police forced her to LEAVE HER OWN PERSONAL PROPERTY. That's right. They didnt arrest her, but made her leave her own property!!! Don't get it twisted, this is all going down in probably THE most conservative state in the USA. And this is scary.. a gross violation of our civil liberties. The police wanted this party shut down, so they made it happen. Even though everything about this event was legal. The promoters spent over $20,000 on this show and did everything they had to to make it legit, only to have it taken away from them by a group of radical neo-con's with an agenda.This was one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed in person.

I can't even begin to describe how surreal it was. Helicopters, assault rifles, tear gas, camoflauge-wearing soldiers.... why? Was that really necessary? This needs to be big news across the USA. At least in our music scene (edm as a whole)... this could happen to any of us at any time. When we're losing the right to gather peacefully, we're also letting the police set a standard of what we can get away with. And I think that's BULLSHIT! The system fucked up last night... They broke up a party that was 100% legal and they physically hurt a lot of people there at the same time. The promoters already have 6 lawsuits ready to file with their lawyers and the ACLU is already involved.I'm sure some pictures (and hopefully some video) will surface soon.

I'll make sure to post them up here on 404, so you can see the Police State of America at work."

Other sources:
KSL TV Reality Distortion Field - Real Player
San Francisco Bay area Indymedia
Craig's List

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Molly Holzschlag Declares Blogging An Act Of Courage 2:51

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

Watch Molly Holzschlag tell the business community that all bloggers are courageous communicators revolutionizing social, cultural and business dynamics. She uses the example of the Microsoft IE team's recent experience with this new communications approach. Darren Barefoot warns business members not to blog publicly over internal conflicts that are not yet known to the public but definitely do for those that are.

Excerpt from Blog Business Summit, Publish and Prosper, San Francisco Palace Hotel, Friday August 19, 2005.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

CBS Features Rocketboom Leading Vlogger Revolution • Andrew Baron Admits $25-A-Day Expense • Amanda Congdon Shines • Jim Axelrod Giddy With Exclusive

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

Friday August 19, 2005 may be remembered as the moment in media history when the new media man bit the old media's dog. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Watching CBS veteran Jim Axelrod on the CBS Evening News Eye On America segment enter the VLogoSphere as a kind of alien news man who is so blown away by what the Rocketboom team is doing that he can barely contain himself from his sense of amazement. Hats off to the CBS News team for doing such a great shoot and editing job on this story. Producer Sally Garner really went the extra mile to include viewer turned Los Angeles Correspondent Zadi Diaz 3,000 miles away. "It's really the global show-and-tell," she notes. Very cool. And so true.

I love CBS and I admire Les Moonves. He has already declared the CBS News division is being mobilized to become primarily an internet news source rather than a TV one. That takes a similar kind of vision that Axelrod tells producer Andrew Baron he has. Andrew is incredibly modest and calm. What a rock. Amanda Congdon is the height of low key. She's really a dream anchor - so incredibly mature, modern and sophisticated yet youthful and fancy free.

I made a Quicktime Movie version from the CBS Real Player with Snapz Pro X v2.0.2 for compatability purposes only. CBS reserves all rights to this video and we will remove it from this post upon their request at any time. If you have QuickTime Pro I suggest you save this while you can for historical archival purposes and not to resell. Source CBS NEWS VIDEO page is here for Real Player and Windows Media Player versions.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Skype Me California Lexus

Lexus SUV spotted on I-280 Northbound just south of San Bruno 380 exit 8.19.05 about 7:30 AM. Digital photograph was taken while moving about 70 mph. For those who are not already members of the skype™ free global cross-platform voice-chat system join for free and enjoy truly high fidelity sound by clicking this link.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Don't Use H.264

Took me until after Saturday's Flash Meeting to "GET" my mistake last week. I wanted to be state-of-the-fart using the FutureMedia H.264 video codec for my CURRENT REPORTAGE. WRONG!

That way I was insuring that no one would see my reports. So I've learned my lesson and will not be doing that any more. Pardon my redundant posts. At least you can see what I'm doing now.

IBM LinuxWorld™ Keynote, San Francisco CA 8.10.05

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

Steve Mills, VP Software Group IBM, Explains the Linux Popularity Trend. Then Ron Sebastian, Senior Consultant IBM, Demonstrates A Modern Linux Client.

This is a NEW NON H.264 version still at only 1 frame per second demonstrating that long form video can be compressed and delivered small. The original H.264 compression stills are still on this version. I have spent a lot of time correcting my H.264 encoding blunder from last week and need to move on to edit and encode more from last week's LinuxWorld Show. Won't be using any more H.264 video.

Michael Sack, Exec.VP & Chief Technology Officer Explains Inceptor's BIDCENTER Self-Service Ad Management Technology

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

A short lesson in one new marketing tool developed by Maynard MA's Inceptor by Michael Sack, Exec.VP & Chief Technology Officer, Direct 978.298.1532,, 4 Clock Tower Place Suite 300, Maynard MA 01754

This is a NEW NON H.264 version and completes my redos for this site. I have learned not to use the latest technology if I want many people to see my posts.

Taylor Explains Remote Record + Compression + Posting Proof-Of-Concept for Trade Show Reports

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

Taylor Barcroft explains the difference between the Safari Recorder Compression vs. Final Cut Pro DV Recording and direct Compression to H.264 MPEG4. Taylor Explains this test from this FCP DV recording NOT compressed with H.264 MPEG-4. This is a 3 minute 4 MB file. Very small 1.33 MB per minute and still ok quality. Not as good as H.264. But everyone can see this one. Keep in mind that the Safari Recorder is ALPHA with plenty of time and space for improvement before it is done. This is NEW NON H.264 version. @ SearchEngineStrategies San Jose 8.9.05

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

Interview with Johnny Jai Shin, New Account Sales Manager,,, Interview & Recording by Taylor Barcroft NEW NON H.264 version.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Mac Video Pioneer Marc Canter Leads Again With

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

He's back. Or is it me that's back? The creator of the original Macintosh video program and the company that became Macromedia, now a part of Adobe, is now leading the free video serving movement with Four months into this wild west of free serving, Marc says we may only have two more months of this freedom before yet to be determined restrictions are imposed. Well, at least we have until October...

Read more about it at Momentshowing . Thanks Jay.

IBM LinuxWorld Keynote, San Francisco, 8.10.05

As you can see, I have compromised motion for space in this innovative compression approach. This is an example of how a video without a lot of action can still function as an invormative tool in a reasonable amount of space. Stills of the compression settings are on the front of this video. Please leave comments on how effective you think this approach is for this type of video.

You watch a series of 1 second stills as you LISTEN to the presenters fully high-fi in real time. You can also pause to read the presentation slides and study the application demos. And you can race through the whole thing by pressing the left and right arrows. Holding down the arrows advances each second of video in a fraction of that time. I haven't figured out how many frames a second it runs that way. But it might be about 20 forward and 10 backward. Quicktime doesn't know that each frame of this video is one second long. So it advances and retards as if one frame is one thirtieth of a second. Tricky eh? Looks like a built in scan keyboard command loophole. For a more in depth explanation of the compression scheme, go over to THIS PAGE at Video Podcaster.

This could and perhaps even should be an Enhanced Podcast for Color iPods and iTunes. But Enhanced Podcast composition is very complex at this point. So for now this will have to do. Let me know what you think please.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

QuickTime 7 Required - Not

We don't do Windows but Windows does us. Because we exclusively encode with the H.264 codec in Apple's QuickTime 7, if you are running Windows, you need to download and install the latest version of QuickTime 7 for Windows Public Preview 3. We will let you know each time there is a newer version so you can keep updating.

Of course if you are running a Mac, you should already have installed QuickTime 7.0.1 long ago unless you never run or ignore your Software Update... If so you better get busy. If you're still running OS 9, forgetaboutit.

Revision - We abandonded the use of H.264 after the early redundant posts you see here. Would love feedback on how many of you have QuickTime 7 so we might go back to it in early 2006. Send comments to

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Michael Sack, Exec.VP & Chief Technology Officer Explains Inceptor's BIDCENTER Self-Service Search Technology

Watch the video

From Search Engine Strategies, San Jose CA Convention Center we get a short lesson in one new marketing tool developed by Maynard MA's Inceptor

Michael Sack, Exec.VP & Chief Technology Officer
Direct 978.298.1532
4 Clock Tower Place Suite 300
Maynard MA 01754
Videography and H.264 MPEG 4 compression by Taylor Barcroft, Video Journalist on a 1.25 GHz PowerBook G4 with FCP 4.5 under Mac OS X 10.4.2. NOTE: Tiger appears to have broken the Compressor 1.2.1 application part of FCP 4.5.
Time 3:08 Space 6.6 MB, 320 x 240, 2.2 MB per minute and it looks great even at full screen.

Taylor Explains Remote Record + Compression + Posting Proof-Of-Concept for Trade Show Reports

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player 7
H.264 Video QuickTime 7 Required

Taylor Barcroft explains the difference between the Safari Recorder Compression vs. Final Cut Pro DV Recording and direct Compression to H.264 MPEG4. Taylor Explains this test from a FCP DV recording compressed with H.264 MPEG-4. This is a 3 minute 6.2 MB file. Very small 2 MB per minute and still high quality. Keep in mind that the Safari Recorder is ALPHA with plenty of time and space for improvement before it is done.

Search Engine Strategies -

Watch the video

Search Engine Strategies Conference & Exp

San Jose Convention Center CA
Interview with Johnny Jai Shin, New Account Sales Manager
Interview & Recording by Taylor Barcroft

DTV Beta for Mac OS X Released - One Giant Step Closer to the Death of Old Media

Looks like the revolution is unfolding faster and faster every day. And this time Macintosh OS X is given the leadership role. Today is the launch of an open source way for anyone to become a global publisher NOW. But only if the publisher uses a Macintosh running Mac OS X.

Only mass ignorance and hypnosis is keeping old media alive now. Follow this link to the Participatory Culture Website. The revolution is being televised on the internet.
Industry Luminaries Declare Old TV Days Numbered

Broadcast Machine for all website video publishing Channel Creation. Offers optional torrent technology to minimize bandwidth expense for any popular site's serving load. Yet another technological equalizer is making mass or narrow casting possible for all creative individuals. Blowing my mind again. How 'bout yours?

Monday, August 08, 2005

R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller: “Everything I Know” - Audio/Video of the January 1975 historic 42-hour session! . . . . . . . VOD only

The universe of audio and video will always have all sorts of lengths, sizes and qualities among its parts. There is no right or wrong on this subject. I do think shorter is generally better for most things - especially in this early stage of internet distribution. However . . .

I am so thrilled to have just found this classic R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller Series from January 1975. I knew him personally so this is a huge find for me. And I cannot stress enough how important I think it is that all persons watch and or listen to all 42 hours of it. This is MUST SEE TV for every generation. Thank you so much for mentioning it Steve Watkins.

The Real Player series is handing off sockets every minute. I have never seen video distributed this way before. I guess you can stop it any time and pick up where you leave off by keeping the individual part of the string - sort of like a series of little chain links - on your desktop. Very interesting. Wonder how they do that and why? The player keeps handing off to 1-1.5 minute segments while remaining the same name between each thought he states. And the video gets very interesting as the editor or the director used the blue screen to project more than one shot of Bucky simultaneously while he was talking. Can't tell if that was done in post or during the recording. And Bucky directing the director - this is CLASSIC!!!

I think Bucky was the original inventor of the Internet. He was the first person to imagine and postulate the concept of a global interconnected network of computers sharing information for resource re-delegation. However his concept was not at the desktop level because that was beyond his ability to imagine. I took him to Apple to meet Steve Jobs back in the 70's and he thought the Apple computer was "just a toy". He wound up being too old to fathom what we have today. But I did imagine it beyond his mainframe network concept. I tried to tell him this was going to happen but he didn't get it cause desktops were still too weak then.

Thank you so much Steve Watkins. Bucky video for FREE! This is another internet miracle. Wow!! the quality of this video is amazing considering when it was recorded in January 1975. I am totally blown away. Thank you soooooo much. I am crying. Bucky is my #1 all time hero.

I will definitely be watching all 42 hours of this set MORE THAN ONCE. And I will be listening to the audio on my iPod even more times. Every minute is a mind blowing experience for me.

Advertising & Donations

I spent this week studying the many video blogs I have ignored this past year only to be woken by the sleeping giant Apple's iTunes 4.8 with video playback capability and then 4.9 for audio, enhanced and video podcast subscriptions.

Wow what a difference a month makes! I've placed all the Google ads and a PayPal donation button in hopes that my work might yield some income. As a Macintosh consultant, jobs are few and far between 'cause Macs are trouble free! So I am thinking that if I do an interesting, informative and entertaining job here, this might become my primary source of income. More on this subject later.

I am still discovering all the wonderful home grown video so many are making. I've put up that vlog webring for all to enjoy what comes up. And I will be reporting on many fronts. Video should be here soon. I want to get it right the first time so you will want to return and subscribe at the iTunes Podcast department. So that's why it's not up yet. More soon...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lan Bui Premieres Video of the Moment's "Fishes" on iTunes

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
Watch video by clicking on image. Movie will open in QuickTime Player.

Lan Bui is a genius. "Fishes" is a brilliant essay on the reality of DEATH as a FACT-OF-LIFE.

I recommend subscribing to his new "Video of the Moment" PodCast at the iTunes' Podcast Directory. Keyword "Video".

Current TV Is Internet Video On Demand (VOD)

But not Video Podcast yet. No sign of Current TV at the iTunes Podcast Directory. Wonder how many days b4 they are there?

Watch "Jumper" by Mark Rienhart. It was featured on the Tonight Show Monday evening. Brilliant piece of video.

Wonder how long it will be 'til Current TV Video Podcasts are more popular than the satellite-cable feed. My guess is weeks not months. 75% of Current's target audience gets their information from the internet - not TV.