Monday, August 15, 2005

IBM LinuxWorld™ Keynote, San Francisco CA 8.10.05

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Steve Mills, VP Software Group IBM, Explains the Linux Popularity Trend. Then Ron Sebastian, Senior Consultant IBM, Demonstrates A Modern Linux Client.

This is a NEW NON H.264 version still at only 1 frame per second demonstrating that long form video can be compressed and delivered small. The original H.264 compression stills are still on this version. I have spent a lot of time correcting my H.264 encoding blunder from last week and need to move on to edit and encode more from last week's LinuxWorld Show. Won't be using any more H.264 video.


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Clint Sharp said...

Moving to 1 fps doesn't actually save you all that much bandwidth, seeing as you're basically just going to have to generate a keyframe for every frame. There are better ways to compress that aren't nearly as annoying to watch, including lowering quality settings, lowering resolution, lowering audio quality, etc. I find this 1 fps video unwatchable.


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