Friday, August 12, 2005

IBM LinuxWorld Keynote, San Francisco, 8.10.05

As you can see, I have compromised motion for space in this innovative compression approach. This is an example of how a video without a lot of action can still function as an invormative tool in a reasonable amount of space. Stills of the compression settings are on the front of this video. Please leave comments on how effective you think this approach is for this type of video.

You watch a series of 1 second stills as you LISTEN to the presenters fully high-fi in real time. You can also pause to read the presentation slides and study the application demos. And you can race through the whole thing by pressing the left and right arrows. Holding down the arrows advances each second of video in a fraction of that time. I haven't figured out how many frames a second it runs that way. But it might be about 20 forward and 10 backward. Quicktime doesn't know that each frame of this video is one second long. So it advances and retards as if one frame is one thirtieth of a second. Tricky eh? Looks like a built in scan keyboard command loophole. For a more in depth explanation of the compression scheme, go over to THIS PAGE at Video Podcaster.

This could and perhaps even should be an Enhanced Podcast for Color iPods and iTunes. But Enhanced Podcast composition is very complex at this point. So for now this will have to do. Let me know what you think please.


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