Sunday, August 28, 2005

iTunes Podcast Directory Listing Anomalies

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Learning how to Podcast while podcasting is quite a juggling act because all of us are inventing this medium by the seat of our pants. Please bear with us while we develop all the details that will make it possible to deliver a lot more content in the months to come. The iTunes Podcast Directory doesn't always display how many Podcasts a site has transmitted to date. If the publisher changes the cover page's quantity of posts to less than all to date, the iTunes Podcast Directory only lists what's left on the cover page.

I am working out how to embed video in the pages so you can read while you watch - but also so none of the vidcasts will download until you press the small Play arrow on the left side of the progress bar. That way the home page can have many videos without any of them loaded so the page will download fast - even with a lot of enclosure links and posts. iTunes also only sees the first of multiple enclosures in a single post. Therefore, any one story with more than one multimedia element (IE Audio, Video and/or PDF) must be broken up into multiple posts for you to get them all automatically.

This and other details of system management and website display are what's keeping new posts from appearing more frequently yet. Please stay subscribed and I promise there will be many more original enclosures posted soon and more frequently. Thank you for your subscription and your support.

Taylor Barcroft
Publisher, Editor, Video Journalist

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