Monday, August 08, 2005

Advertising & Donations

I spent this week studying the many video blogs I have ignored this past year only to be woken by the sleeping giant Apple's iTunes 4.8 with video playback capability and then 4.9 for audio, enhanced and video podcast subscriptions.

Wow what a difference a month makes! I've placed all the Google ads and a PayPal donation button in hopes that my work might yield some income. As a Macintosh consultant, jobs are few and far between 'cause Macs are trouble free! So I am thinking that if I do an interesting, informative and entertaining job here, this might become my primary source of income. More on this subject later.

I am still discovering all the wonderful home grown video so many are making. I've put up that vlog webring for all to enjoy what comes up. And I will be reporting on many fronts. Video should be here soon. I want to get it right the first time so you will want to return and subscribe at the iTunes Podcast department. So that's why it's not up yet. More soon...


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