Tuesday, August 09, 2005

DTV Beta for Mac OS X Released - One Giant Step Closer to the Death of Old Media

Looks like the revolution is unfolding faster and faster every day. And this time Macintosh OS X is given the leadership role. Today is the launch of an open source way for anyone to become a global publisher NOW. But only if the publisher uses a Macintosh running Mac OS X.

Only mass ignorance and hypnosis is keeping old media alive now. Follow this link to the Participatory Culture Website. The revolution is being televised on the internet.
Industry Luminaries Declare Old TV Days Numbered

Broadcast Machine for all website video publishing Channel Creation. Offers optional torrent technology to minimize bandwidth expense for any popular site's serving load. Yet another technological equalizer is making mass or narrow casting possible for all creative individuals. Blowing my mind again. How 'bout yours?


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