Wednesday, October 26, 2005

10.23.05 CBS MarketWatch Weekend - Bambi Francisco discourages anyone from buying an iPod. Alexis Christoforous intro-outtro.

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This is a most confusing "report" from Bambi Francisco who on the one hand describes lots of free content on the web followed by a recommendation not to buy the video iPod because she says it's got lots of expensive limitations that will be fixed with an enhanced version in January.

1. 44% web users have created their own content.
2. Not easy to move your existing collection of videos to the iPod Video
3. Will cost more money to make them work on iPod
4. 10% of all video on the web is home or new studio made

Alexis Christoforous asks, "Do you think the Apple Video iPod is worth buying at this price point? A little hefty between three and four hundred dollars to watch movies on a two and a half inch screen." - ignoring it still plays music and displays photos and has 50% more space than the previous 20 GB model that was $299 two weeks ago.

Bambi - "Right. First of all there's limited content out there. If you can watch a two and a half inch screen for an hour long then this product is for you. But then I don't think for the majority of people out there. It also takes a long time to download content onto that video iPod. And also a lot of the files that you have on your computer these days will have to be converted. And that's going to take money. And if you want to watch those videos on a TV, that's going to cost an additional amount."

Bambi - "So wait for January, there's an enhanced version coming out. That's what I hear. So save your bucks and wait 'til then."

Alexis - "Post Holiday Gift."

Friday, October 21, 2005

New iMac G5, iPod Video, iTunes 6 SteveNote California Theatre, San Jose CA 10.12.05 + New 2 x Dual-Core PowerMac G5 Quad NYC 10.19.05

Download the 108k PDF of this article with working links by clicking here

  • iMac as Remote Controlled Media Player, Video Conference Node, Media Creator

  • iPod as Portable Multimedia Player of Audio and Video

  • iTunes 6 as Multimedia Delivery Vehicle for RSS Feeds, Library Organizer-Manager

  • iTunes Media Store as the Place To Buy New Media, Get Free Media, Subscribe to Free Audio and Video Podcasts

  • 0:40 Act I - iMac

    Third Generation iMac introduced a year ago sold over 1 million in first year.

    All-New iMac G5

  • A great computer gets even better

  • 1:50 - 1. Even Thinner Design

  • 2:20 - 2. iSight videocam built-in (better quality-higher specs), Video Conferencing Out Of The Box + PhotoBooth

  • 3:50 Demo

  • 4:00 Video Conferencing Out Of The Box

  • 5:30 PhotoBooth - awesome effects. Takes stills from the camera with a flash of white screen for light.

  • 8:35 3. Front Row with Simple 6 Button Remote Control - vs. 44 buttons on regular remotes . Enjoy Music, photos & video from your sofa.

  • 9:33 Demo. Listen to Music, Watch Photo Slideshows, DVDs & Videos via remote.

  • 13:35 Video Podcasts, Tiki Bar, Rocketboom in the menu

  • 14:30 Movie Trailers Built-In automatically streamed from Apple servers

  • 19:10 - 4. ATI Radeon X600 Pro (XT on 20" model) 128 MB DDR Video RAM, PCI Express Graphics Bus

  • 5. PC2-4200 (533 MHz) DDR2 SDRAM 512MB on motherboard 1 empty expansion slot up to 2.5 GB capacity with one $1200 Apple 2 GB stick (street $400), 8x DL SuperDrive, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2, Mighty Mouse - Technical Specifications

  • Expansion Ports are now in a horizontal row near bottom left rear (rear view).

  • 6. Complete Creative Digital Life and Productivity Software Suites Included

  • 19:55 - 17" 1440 x 900 @ 1.9 GHz PPC G5, 633 GHz Front Size Bus, 160 GB SATA $1299 - same as old model

  • 20" 1680 x 1050 @ 2.1 GHz PPC G5, 700 GHz Front Size Bus, 250 GB SATA $1699 - $100 less than the old model

  • Shipping Today

  • 20:50 Act II - iPod
  • Almost 30 Million iPods Shipped as of September 24, 2005, end of last fiscal quarter

  • 75% Market Share of all mp3 players

  • Introduced iPod nano 5 weeks ago today. Sold over 1 Million in first 17 days. Demand exceeds supply.

  • 21:50 Critical Aclaim

  • 22:30 "But what about the white iPod? It's been a huge success for us. And therefore it's time to replace it. Today we are announcing the new white iPod. As we head into the holiday season. And it's a stunner."

  • New iPod Video

  • 22:55 "And yes it does video."

  • 1. The Best Music Player We've Ever Made. Audio Books - Features

  • 2. Photos Best Ever, bigger better screen to see them all better

  • 3. Extras - see up to 4 clocks at once, calendars, games, Stopwatch with lap timer, Screen Lock

  • 4. And Now Video

  • 5. 2.5 inch TFT, 320 x 240, 260k colors, H.264 at 30 fps, MPEG 4 at 30 fps, TV out - Specs

  • Recap - Music, Audio Books, Photos, Podcasts - both spoken word and video, Home Movies, Music Videos and a whole lot more.
  • 27:00 30 GB is 31% thinner than the old 20 gb model. White or Black w/Case, 7.5k songs, 12.5k photos, 75 hrs video $299

  • 27:15 60 GB is 12% thinner than the old 20 gb model. White or Black w/Case, 15k songs, 25k photos, 150 hrs video $399

  • 28:00 Box Shot

  • Shipping Now

  • 28:35 Strongest Holiday Lineup Ever

  • iPod nano, new iPod, new iMac

  • 29:05 new iPod ad - Bono U2 singing on the iPod screen

  • 31:20new Silhouette iPod + iTunes ad - Eminem, Curtain Call - The Hits

  • Outdoor Bus Stop and Billboard ads

  • Accessories

  • Car Integration

  • iPod + iTunes Auto-Sync

  • 33:30 Act III - iTunes
  • Over 200 Million copies distributed woldwide

  • 84% Marketshare last month for all legally downloaded music

  • iTunes 5 introduced September 7, 2005 - Just 5 Weeks Ago

  • New iTunes 6

  • Four New Features

  • 34:35 - 1. Gifting - the ability to give someone songs, albums, playlists & videos

  • 35:18 - 2. Customer Reviews - 10 Million accounts get a voice to write reviews

  • 35:50 - 3. Just for You - personalized recommendations based on your purchase history. Beta with feedback button

  • 36:38 - 4. Video for sale, over 2000 Music Videos, 6 Pixar Shorts @ $1.99

  • Downloading video specs - 320 x 240, size of about 6 songs

  • FairPlay

  • DRM play on up to 5 computers

  • Play on unlimited number of iPods

  • No CD or DVD burning allowed

  • but you own it, no rental fees, never times out.

  • 39:00 Demo

  • 39:20 Gifting is the most requested feature, customer reviews, Just For You

  • 40:25
  • Music Video section

  • FatBoy Slim - Weapon of Choice

  • Madonna - Vogue

  • U2 - Original of the Species

  • Front Row on the new iMac, Playing Music Videos

  • Playing music, photos and videos on big screen from iPod

  • 47:30 One More Thing...
  • TV Shows ABC & Disney - 5 Shows - Lost, Desperate Housewives, Night Stalker, The Sweet Life of Zack & Cody and That's So Raven, Ad Free @ $1.99 1 show (43 min) = 5 albums download size

  • Old Episodes plus new ones the day after airing

  • 51:45 Demo

  • Desperate Housewives (DH) from last Sunday

  • Free Previews every episode

  • Plays DH on the iMac full screen and it looks great, but not 16 x 9 HD widescreen aspect ratio

  • SD 4 x 3 Versions only

  • 54:55 Robert Iger CEO Disney - "Great Content intersects with Great Technology" Ann Sweeney deserves credit for making this happen. 59:10

  • 59:50 Steve sums up. Notes this historical moment, October 12, 2005, when Video is added to the iTunes Music Store and iPod.

  • 1:02:00 Congratulates all the Apple employees who have made this happen

  • 1:03:00 Encore
  • born 1961 New Orleans, 35 albums 9 grammys, Pulitzer Prize winner
    Winton Marsalis performs

  • TelevisionWeek 10.17.05

  • TVWeek Cover Story by Jon Lafayette Disney Deal Is Apple of Advertisers' Eye, Madison Avenue Sees Exposure Offsetting Commercials' Absence

  • TVWeek Guest Commentary by Scott Sternberg
    Viewers Make Rules in New Media World
  • Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Vid.Vlogosphere to NBC Today - This Is Not A Test 10.13.05

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    Alexis Glick for Today, Thursday 10.13.05
    Steve - "...and you kinda get video for free as a bonus."
    Continuous Caption: Handheld TV - New iPod Plays Video

    Anonymous Consumer in an Apple Store - "I've actually been looking for something that I could play video on."

    Omar Wasow, Technology Analyst - iPod has gone from an early adopter technology buff market to a mainstream mass market phenomenon now a part of our culture.

    Alexis - "Their new test is to find out if people will buy video they have to watch on a two and a half inch screen."

    This is not necessarily the case. You can watch on your TV and you can watch on a video headset or external portable TV with a bigger screen - can you say light FLAT screen?. Let's be clear Alexis. THIS IS NOT A TEST. There is no downside for Apple to add video playback capability for no more money and 50% more space at the $299 price point. You get a free video with every album you buy. Video Podcasters now have a way to reach the consumer like never before. And broadcasters have a way to sell shows after they air in a new window between original air and rerun, before and after DVD sales. NBC could Video Podcast the Today Show with advertising included for free and sell that market to advertisers for a small premium or others who will pay less for VidPodcast ONLY ads. The revolution is being Video Podcast and is being vlogged now. You do not have to watch videos on the 2.5" screen.

    Steve - "There is no market for video on the go today. So we're going to have to create it." We think there is a large market for video on the go today. And Apple is not going to have to create it. What Apple is doing is providing the solution to a long standing challenge. And that is huge. Kudos to Apple. I love Apple. But the market has been getting pent up with anticipation for this solution for years. Remember Archos? It is like an iPod only bigger, heavier, and more expensive without a Mac interface. But it is also a DVR which iPod most certainly is not yet.

    I will be very surprised if Apple will be able to keep up with demand for these new iPods before sometime next summer, IF THEN. I think there is going to be a waiting list from here into next Spring at the soonest. It will be a case of capacity incapable of meeting demand for a long time.

    Affordable technology and our new inexpensive broadband internet distribution system has just now fallen into place. So it's really about the synergy of pent up demand meeting new affordable technological advances - not Apple creating a market or doing a test.

    Thanks to Al Roker for ordering his last night. You the man Al.

    Matt Lauer's close - "I know it's going to be huge. Absolutely. Everything they do is huge right now." You took the words right out of my mouth Matt.

    Vid.CBS Early Show - TV Shows For Sale, Falling Apple Stock, A Confusing Tool For Losing Hearing & Sight 10.13.05

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    Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

    Sandra Hughes reports for The Early Show - TV Shows for sale - ABC's TV Shows "Desperate Housewives", "Lost", "Night Stalker" & two Disney Channel sit-coms "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" and "That's So Raven" are for sale for $1.99 an episode from the iTunes Music, or rather now Media Store (iTMS). Jeffries & Company analyst Adam Benjamin thinks Apple has a 6-month to almost a year competitive lead with the video enabled iPod and videos for sale at the iTMS. Sandra mentions Apple stock falling due to Wall Street's lower than expected iPod sales. Yeah, they were only through the roof as usual. Two women in the street - one clueless while the other totally gets it. At $299 she says, "Considering what an iPod cost when it first came out, that's a steal."

    The post package quad anchor desk chit chat implies iPods are hard to figure out and may damage your ears and next your eyes. Nobody there expressed the least level of marvel at this development.

    Interesting few seem to understand the iPod has had video output since the introduction of the iPod Photo a year ago. Let's not forget video headsets you can wear to have a large screen experience out of that little iPod. On researching this product, I've noticed they are currently not in strong supply and cost $300-$400 based on old designs. So I imagine this development will inspire AV engineers all over the world to making the development of a new generation of inexpensive video headsets an engineering priority for introduction ASAP. These will be light, run on AAA batteries and have independent LCD "screens" that can individually be flipped up so you can watch vids with one eye while you walk, jog, or ride mass transit. This may be the hot iPod video accessory for 2007.

    Friday, October 14, 2005

    Vid.CBS UTTM iPod Video Reports Ignore Vlogs & Video Podcasts 10.13.05

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    Up To The Minute - Money Watch's Alexis Christoforous, Melissa McDermott segues to Teri Okita's report.

    Video Blogging & Video Podcasts are completely ignored as a source of content that may drive sales of the new Video enabled iPod even though Apple lists "Video Podcasts" in the new iPod's Video menu pane:

    Video Playlists
    Music Videos
    TV Shows
    Video Podcasts
    Video Settings

    Steve - "...home movies, music videos and a whole lot more..."
    There are already thousands of video podcast posts in the iTunes Podcast Directory to help sell the reason to buy a video capable iPod now rather than until movies are for sale next year which Jeffries & Company analyst Adam Benjamin posed is a reason consumers may not buy one yet. "But analysts also say 'never underestimate Apple's marketing ability'," Teri adds.

    Monday, October 10, 2005

    Vid.39mb.40min.Webzine 2005 Session 3 Community Matters

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    Ted Rheingold, Moderator
    Fleeting Image
    Mindful In The Storm
    Gay Prom

    Real Life vs. Internet

    David Thau
    Bianca's Shack

    Heidi Swanson
    101 Cook Books
    Heidi Swanson

    Marjorie Kase
    Common Sense Media

    Amy Raymond
    CHEAPSKATIN' LA ~ hip handouts ~ Free

    Sharing their experiences of how to develop communities with their websites.

    iTunes Doesn't Always See Our Posts

    We've made two posts in recent days that have failed to appear in the iTunes Podcast directory and FireANT. So we're resorting to posting this PDF so you can have the links to these missing posts this way. We don't understand why iTunes and FireANT simply can't see some posts that work fine from the browser and are all seen by NetNewsWire for Macintosh.

    Looks like we are in an era of the early iTunes multimedia client not fully understanding all feeds from a registered site due to some html code problems in the original posts that iTunes can't sense are corrected later. We have had errant bizarre html code mysteriously appearing in some posts that had nothing to do with the way we entered the code to begin with. Sorry for the delay in letting you know. Thanks for your understanding and patience with our continuing learning curve.

    Here are the permalinks to each of the two recent posts iTunes doesn't see.

    Vid.42mb.45.5min.Webzine 2005 Session 2 Jacob Appelbaum's Odyssey posted October 6, 2005.

    Empire "iBook" High. Tucson Arizona Bookless CyberSchool posted September 22, 2005.

    Click here to download a small 12k pdf of this post with working links.

    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Vid.42mb.45.5min.Webzine 2005 Session 2 Jacob Appelbaum's Odyssey

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    Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player.

    Jacob describes his travels from San Francisco to Iraq to New Orleans and back with his outstanding photos behind him. This is one of the most courageous men I have ever met in my life - a true hero to many and a master of communications.

    Jocob's Wordpress
    Jacob's LiveJournal
    Jacob's Photographs