Friday, October 14, 2005

Vid.CBS UTTM iPod Video Reports Ignore Vlogs & Video Podcasts 10.13.05

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Up To The Minute - Money Watch's Alexis Christoforous, Melissa McDermott segues to Teri Okita's report.

Video Blogging & Video Podcasts are completely ignored as a source of content that may drive sales of the new Video enabled iPod even though Apple lists "Video Podcasts" in the new iPod's Video menu pane:

Video Playlists
Music Videos
TV Shows
Video Podcasts
Video Settings

Steve - "...home movies, music videos and a whole lot more..."
There are already thousands of video podcast posts in the iTunes Podcast Directory to help sell the reason to buy a video capable iPod now rather than until movies are for sale next year which Jeffries & Company analyst Adam Benjamin posed is a reason consumers may not buy one yet. "But analysts also say 'never underestimate Apple's marketing ability'," Teri adds.


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