Monday, October 10, 2005

iTunes Doesn't Always See Our Posts

We've made two posts in recent days that have failed to appear in the iTunes Podcast directory and FireANT. So we're resorting to posting this PDF so you can have the links to these missing posts this way. We don't understand why iTunes and FireANT simply can't see some posts that work fine from the browser and are all seen by NetNewsWire for Macintosh.

Looks like we are in an era of the early iTunes multimedia client not fully understanding all feeds from a registered site due to some html code problems in the original posts that iTunes can't sense are corrected later. We have had errant bizarre html code mysteriously appearing in some posts that had nothing to do with the way we entered the code to begin with. Sorry for the delay in letting you know. Thanks for your understanding and patience with our continuing learning curve.

Here are the permalinks to each of the two recent posts iTunes doesn't see.

Vid.42mb.45.5min.Webzine 2005 Session 2 Jacob Appelbaum's Odyssey posted October 6, 2005.

Empire "iBook" High. Tucson Arizona Bookless CyberSchool posted September 22, 2005.

Click here to download a small 12k pdf of this post with working links.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Josh Leo said...

a few things:

why do all your videos open in my quicktime aplication, not in the browser, that is really obnoxious.

why are there dublicate posts on this blog? i see you have that laptop school video up twice, the ibm linuxworld video up twice, and a few others too

why do you refer to the site as a "we" when you are the only one who has posted since the very beginning.

have you thought a little bit about layout? right now the site is well....not aesthetically pleasing and the large pictures make it hard to scan through

last thing, when are the rest of the webzine videos goin to be out?and why are the current ones not on a creative commons license. you provided a service that allowed you attend for free...they were expecting videos that were able to be used by the community...

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Taylor Barcroft said...

I have made the choice for that to be the way they play. I feel that is the best way for the viewer to control how they are viewed. Sorry to disagree. Won't be changing this feature.

iTunes wouldn't see the first one and I posted a second one in hopes it would see that one. It still didn't. The others are not duplicates. The first ones are H.264 and the newer ones are mpeg4 without H.264.

I have colleagues who will be posting in future. They are working with me behind the scenes.

Don't know how to make it look better. Sorry you don't like it. The layout is my favorite Blogger Template.

I posted them with the Ourmedia Publisher application stipulating the creative commons license. The application then ignores that specification when it winds up on the OurMedia site. I have edited each one subsequently to be creative commons share-alike. They are definitely able to be used by the community.

Session 3 just went up. I am trying to get two up each week. It is no small task to get them up. If you think it is a small task, you are mistaken. It takes MANY hours to prepare each one for posting. MANY. I spend more time on the forms, properties and post text and writing the HTML code than I do encoding and compressing them. It is a major pain in the rear to do all the text work.


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